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The 1977 \Simultaneous Elections\" referendum in Tasmania"

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posted on 2023-05-27, 08:07 authored by Roberts-Thomson, P
Tasmania's role in constitutional referenda, like many other aspects of her political processes has been subjected at the most to a cursory glance, but more often continual neglect. The first purpose of this study then is to attempt, albeit in a small way, to remedy this situation and describe the conduct of a referendum in Tasmania.To date no other study has concentrated specifically upon the four referenda he1d on the 21st May, 1977, nor have any studies analysed any previous referendum in Tasmania. In fact many authors dismiss out of hand Tasmania's role in a referendum and consider her propensity to deliver a negative vote as determined by fear and conservatism. The 1977 referenda have been chosen for study for a number of reasons, not least of which is that they are the most recent and much primary information is still available. In addition the memories of the principal political protagonists have not yet been blurred by the passage of time. Further Tasmania's vote was in keeping with her traditional response: to vote Yes when proposals have the overwhelming support of the whole nation and are seen as just and valid reforms to the Constitution, and on all other occasions, (except when they clearly favour the State), to vote 'No'.


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