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The Computational and Educational Viability of Deploying Intelligent Tutoring Systems

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posted on 2023-05-26, 07:35 authored by Kildare, RA
This thesis first presents a review of the literature that has been published on adaptive educational software. After briefly describing the evolution of these programs, the review covers the main educational and computational features of current systems. The next section of the thesis discusses the survey conducted in order to ascertain information about the performance of Intelligent Tutoring Systems. The results of this survey are used to inform the following section. After the survey, the thesis outlines a proposed architecture for the decentralised distribution of adaptive educational software and discusses the issues surrounding the architecture. The results from implementing this architecture follow in the next section. Conclusions and possible further research are presented last to complete the work. Key results and have been appended as well as a glossary of acronyms.


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