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The composition of art music for children's performance in Australia

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posted on 2023-05-28, 09:35 authored by Caldwell, HM
This study seeks to show, for the first time, the aims of Australian composers in writing music for children's performance. The results of quantitative and qualitative surveys with seventy-seven composers reveal the specialised skillsets required in writing for young musicians, as well as the reasons composers create music for this age group. Further, analyses of two scores for children's performance by composers Don Kay and Dindy Vaughan yield deeper insights into the role a composer can play in shaping the perspectives of young musicians. This study intends to show that many Australian composers who write music for children's performance aim to inspire young musicians, and offer children an experience that transcends musical ideas and connects them to a wider world of learning. A richer understanding of how composers and children successfully work together will aid in the development of music education at both pre-tertiary and tertiary levels. Additionally, it is anticipated that the current research will help to give due recognition to the value of the genre, ultimately promoting further cultural growth within Australia.


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