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The creation of a new Australian repertoire for the saxophone utilising multiphonics

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posted on 2023-05-27, 09:42 authored by Schröder, F
The principal aim of this project is to stimulate and facilitate the creation of a new Australian saxophone repertoire utilising multiphonics. This dissertation will begin by examining the theoretical context of multiphonics, discussing their nature, physics and history in the saxophone repertoire. Although there are different ways of producing multi phonics, this paper will focus on producing multiphonics using special fingerings. Next, prerequisites for the production of multiphonics and methods of utilising them will be addressed. The dissertation will then outline ways in which I collaborated with Australian composers in order to facilitate the composition of new works containing multiphonics. Finally, I will discuss the resultant works, examining how multiphonics were applied by Australian composers. The scores are included as appendices to this dissertation, together with recordings of the new works. The motivation for doing this project arises in part from a personal interest in multiphonics, since they have played an integral role in my own development as a saxophonist. I have found that acquiring the ability to use multiphonics greatly enhances a saxophonist's development and versatility, as multi phonic production draws upon multiple skills. The new works that are created through this project may provide a foundation for the teaching of multiphonics and, therefore, the acquisition of such skills.


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