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The dilute acid hydrolysis of Tasmanian woods in percolation apparatus.

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posted on 2023-05-26, 21:25 authored by Foster, Denistoun Henry
Investigations in the field of wood hydrolysis at the University of Tasmania were planned in a general way by Professor E. E. Kurth in 1940-41 and laboratory work was commenced in 1942 by B. J. Ralph B.Sc. and A.B. Wardrop M.Sc. They published a paper on the dilute acid autoclaving of e.obliqua in the April 1946 idition of the Journal of the Australian Chemical Institute. The investigations carried out since February 1944 are described in this paper. In 1944 M.H.R. Shipp B.Sc. and D. H. Foster B.Sc. continued the work on wood hydrolysis under the direction of Mr. B. J4 Ralph. .Whereas previous experiments had been confined to an autoclave the hydrolytic process was now carried out in a percolator in which dilute acid was passed continuously through the wood. They made a preliminary investigation on the effect of the variables of temperature and time on the hydrolysis of a sample of e.obliqua. In 1945 Shipp and 0. G. Ingles B.Sc. modified the percolator, and under the direction of Mr. B. J. Ralph they performed experimental work on the investigation of the effect of temperature, strength of acid , time and rate of acid flow on the hydrolysis of e.obliqua. These results were interpreted by Foster and are presented in this paper. Foster returned to the work on wood hydrolysis in February 1946 after an absence of twelve months in the R.A.A.F. He investigated the hydrolysis of eleven different Tasmanian woods under the direction of Prof. E. E. Kurth and carried out some work on the analysis of specific sugars and organic acids in sugar solutions obtained by hydrolysing woods. The author wishes to express his thanks to Professor E, E. Kurth and Mr. B. J, Ralph for their every assistance and their valuable advice. The author also wishes to thank Mr. A. Clarke, Chief of the Division of Forest Products, for many communications on various aspects of wood chemistry,


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