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The economics of shipping costs : with particular reference to Tasmanian exporting industries.

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posted on 2023-05-27, 13:39 authored by Haddon-Cave, Charles Phillip
The following study is a revised version of the report of an examination of shipping costs and their relation to the cost structure of specific industries conducted for the Department of Economics and Commerce of the University of Tasmania in 1945(2) ~ It was decided to conduct this examination for two main reasons. First, the financial history of Tasmania since Federation has emphasised the cost of Bass Strait to the community (Vide Chapters I and II),. Secondly, the survey I conducted for the University, in 1944 of the gross and net labor absorptive capacity of Tasmanian secondary industries suggested that the level of shipping costs was a determining factor so far as the location choice and the planning of output policies were concerned. The analysis in Chapters VII and VIII seems to throw considerable doubt on the applicability of theories currently held regarding the factor of transportation cost. Grateful recognition is made of the co-operation and assistance in the collection of data received from both business men and public servants. I desire to mention particularly the Deputy Commonwealth Statistician (Mr. R.J. Exley), the Chairman of the State Finance Committee (Mr. R. G. Osborne), the Director of Industrial Development {Col. H. B. Bennett), the Commonwealth Actuary (Mr. W. C. Bamford), the Secretary of the Commonwealth Department of Supply and Shipping (Mr. G. T. Chippindall), and, finally, Miss E. S. Lewis for undertaking the preparation of the typescript.


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