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The effects of hospitalisation on children and the implications for the hospital teacher

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posted on 2023-05-26, 19:24 authored by McDougall, Cynthia C
The Effects of Hospitalisation on Children:- The Implications for the Hospital School Teacher. Cynthia C. McDougall, B.A. (Hons) presented to Tasmanian College of Advanced Education, 1977. The study examines the special psychological and educational problems of the hospitalised child from the hospital School teacher's viewpoint. It falls into three main sections:- (i) Chapter I - \A Survey of the Literature on the Effects of Hospitalisation on Children\" An historical Survey of the clinical literature 1945-65 which traces the evolution of the philosophy governing current paediatric theory and practice in regard to the case of the hospitalised child and describes the effects of hospitalisation on the child the main factors affecting his successful adjustment and the remedial measures proposed to Modify his distress. (ii) Chapter II - \"The Education of the Hospitalised Child\" This brief survey of available educational literature discusses the unique double role of the hospital school teacher - her therapeutic role in the amelioration of the hospitalised child's anxiety and her educational role in the prevention of retardation due to interrupted schooling. It also discussed the special learning problems of the student in a hospital special class. (iii) Chapter III - \"An Illustrative and Descriptive Study\" Comprises a discussion of the experiences in hospital of 37 patients in a paediatric ward - all pupils of a Hospital . Special Class. - Illustrative and supportive material for the major issues discussed in the previous two chapters is presented. The subjects' positive and negative reactions to hospital are described and their pre- and post-hospital behaviour is compared on Stotts' \"Bristol Social Adjustment Guides\" as assessed by their own class teacher.."


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