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The environment of the Permian Glacial sedimentation of Tasmania: with particular reference to the base of the Permian

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posted on 2023-05-26, 02:34 authored by Ahmad, N
In Tasmania during the Lower Permian Epoch glaciers not only reached sea level but in places extended on the sea as shelf ice. Where-ever glaciers rested on tbe land tillites were deposited but under the shelf ice deposits of various types were laid down. During this time icebergs were quite common and large iceborne erraticd were deposited side by side witb marine fossils. Conditions both on land and sea were very similar to those that exiat today in the Antarctic region. Tba glaciers flowed in part from a land mass lying west of the present west coast of Tasmania, which lay within 40° of the South Pole. Waxing and waning of the glaciers is indicated by differences in the sediments, and by increase and decrease in tbe number and size of the erratica. The gradual retreat of the ice sheet was followed by warm water sediments in the Trissic Period.


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