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The introduction of transition education into the Campania District High School

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posted on 2023-05-27, 00:33 authored by Harington, DG
The plight of the rural school leaver suggested the need for a better preparation of students leaving the Campania District High School. In 1980 a case to support the introduction of a transition education programme was prepared. The various alternatives which were available to overcome the problems of transition from high school to beyond were investigated and these included careers education, transition education, work experience, link courses and vocational education. The small size of the Campania District High School proved ideal for the smooth implementation and ready monitoring of this innovation. The evaluation process used was informal and based upon feedback from all the individuals concerned and the ultimate destination of the students. The experience gained from the programme has given rise to certain policy recommendations. The main areas being that a formal programme of Transition Education should be introduced into District High Schools. Such a programme should be taught as a separate subject and administered by a senior member of staff. Transition Education should commence as early as grade 7 and include work experience for both grade 9 and grade 10 country students.


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