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The ionospheric Z ray return mechanism

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posted on 2023-05-26, 20:25 authored by Hudspeth, JW
Two alternative mechanisms, backscattering and tilt/wedge, for return of the ionospheric Z ray are examined. It is found that further experimental information is required in order to choose between them. Experimental tests of the mechanisms are proposed. The Llanherne HF radio-telescope was used as a narrow beam ionospheric sounder to obtain angle of arrival information on the 0, X and Z echoes. From the results of these experiments together with examination of h'f ionograms showing Z echoes it is concluded that neither mechanism satisfactorily explains the return of the Z echo in an. overwhelming majority of cases. A third mechanism is proposed which returns the Z ray by trapping in an ionospheric duct. This mechanism is able to explain many features of the Z echo and computer ra1 tracing of the model together with evidence from the existing literature suggests that this mechanism is the one operating in almost all cases of Z echo, except perhaps for those occurring at very high magnetic latitudes close to the Dip Pole.


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