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The legislative council of Van Diemen's land 1825-1856: A study of some aspects of the development of a colonial legislature.

posted on 2023-05-26, 02:42 authored by Korobacz, V
During the latter half of the eighteenth century Great Britain came to regard her colonies as a means of supporting her naval and military power, as well as a source of wealth. The emergence ,of this concept of the Empire as an integral part of Britain's defence system demanded strict metropolitan control of dependencies. After the war with France in the middle of the eighteenth century and the acquisition of Canada, India and some of the Caribbean Islands, she began to assert her authority to a greater degree. The consequences of this policy were far-reaching. - The rebellion of the American colonies, an expression of discontent with the assertion of metropolitan authority, reinforced the existing disillusionment with settlement colonies and strengthened Britain 's determination to continue her policy of integrating the empire, a policy which if implemented earlier might have prevented the loss of the Thirteen Colonies.


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