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The nature and design of health promotion campaigns in West Sumatra, Indonesia

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posted on 2023-05-26, 22:08 authored by Fanany, Rebecca
This study was designed to describe the public health promotion campaigns used in the province of West Sumatra, Indonesia, to consider their cultural and sociolinguistic characteristics, and to evaluate their design in light of current principles of health promotion. These campaigns are run at the provincial level and are highly tailored for their target audience. Data were collected in three regions of the province: Padang Pariaman, Tanah Datar and Agam. Health promotion campaigns in West Sumatra make use of several media: roadside signs and banners; Indonesian language textbooks; and newspaper articles and advertisements. Messages incorporate aspects of the traditional law (adat), values and matrilineal system of descent of the Minangkabau people who make up the majority of the province's population. Religious themes taken from Islam are also used, as are the Indonesian, Arabic and Minangkabau languages. The messages observed as part of this study were analysed using a semiotic framework in order to elucidate the relationship of messages and accompanying images with the culture of the Minangkabau people who make up the majority of the province's population. Further, the sociolinguistic characteristics of the messages as they relate to the language domains operating in the region were described and discussed. Finally, campaign structure and message use were evaluated in terms of current principles of health promotion design. The study found that there are several campaigns running in West Sumatra whose design is of high quality and that take excellent advantage of the cultural and sociolinguistic characteristics of the region. The way in which sociolinguistic knowledge and cultural themes have been used could serve as a model for the design of health promotion campaigns in other parts of Indonesia, Southeast, or elsewhere in the world. The major shortcoming of health promotion efforts in West Sumatra, though, is a lack of formative research on which campaigns are based. This situation makes it difficult to assess whether the most pressing health concerns of the population are being addressed by health promotion or whether there are other health needs that have been overlooked. The study resulted in the development of a framework of questions that can be used to develop linguistically and culturally sensitive health promotion campaigns and also contributes to the body of information available about society in West Sumatra today.


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