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The oil shales of Tasmania and New South Wales.

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posted on 2023-05-26, 19:59 authored by Kurth, EE
Owing to the unexploited nature of this field of enquiry, the work is practically entirely of an original character and little direct assistance could be gained from the literature. In addition, the thousands of assays, determinations, etc. were all personally carried out by the writer, prolonging the work in point of time but maintaining a uniform standard of accuracy. The only substantial assistance was on the mechanical side in the construction of apparatus. The actual designing of the special apparatus used was done by the writer, so that almost the whole of the work may be looked on as original and in the few instances where other sources of information have been used they have been duly noted. No part of this work has been previously submitted for any degree and little has been published as the work was commenced under the old regulations for the degree of D.Sc. and these demanded a thesis not previously published. When the regulations for the degree of D.Sc. were recently altered, the work had proceeded to such a stage that it was thought advisable to leave the collection and presentation of it till all the laboratory work had been completed. The provision of same special apparatus was made by assistance from the Council of Scientific and Industrial research, through the Commonwealth Science and Industry Endowment Fund. The results of the investigation, although not published except in a partial and fragmentary form in the \Report of Tasmanian Shale Oil Investigation Committee\" Government Printer Hobart1933 have been freely made available to both Commonwealth and State Governments and the stage which the investigation had reached in 1931 enabled the Investigation Committee to proceed immediately to a proper evaluation of the shale resources of Tasmania. The comparative work done on the New South Wales shales and their resultant oils has been made use of by the Newmes Investigation Committee in their deliberations at the close of 1933."


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Thesis (D.Sc.)--University of Tasmania, 1934

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