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The open-air classroom : a preliminary study of outdoor classrooms for primary schools in Malaysia

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posted on 2023-05-27, 15:40 authored by Yaman, Maheran
My research is based on the hypothesis that the increased use of outdoor classrooms in primary education in Malaysia could provide many benefits to Malaysian society. These include environmental, social and cost benefits, additional space for students, significant learning opportunities and improved thermal comfort in primary school buildings. This research analyses provides qualitative and quantitative data to inform the design of a prototypical model of structures achieving cost-effective solutions, while providing a significant improvement in perceived human comfort within schools. It was hypothesised that the cost-saving achieved by the use of such structures for outdoor classrooms could be used to improve the landscaping on school sites. The research sought to explain, from an historical perspective, how the current situation with regard to the provision of school buildings in Malaysia has arisen and to develop appropriate recommendations for improvements based on Malaysia's culture, heritage and stakeholders' opinions. By means of a qualitative survey of opinions of building professional and teachers the research sought to establish if a need exists to improve teaching and learning spaces in Malaysian primary schools. The research also sought to establish to what extent contemporary educational theories have influenced Malaysian teachers' views about the educational needs of students and how these might best be achieved in relation to teaching and learning spaces in government funded Malaysian primary schools. The research also aimed to ascertain the type of structures that might be suitable to improve the existing built infrastructure in fully funded Malaysian government primary schools. On the basis of costing studies, construction considerations, functional requirements and suitability to the Malaysian environment, it has been possible to develop a hypothetical model. Finally, suggestions for future research into primary school design based on the key assessment criteria detailed in this thesis are provided.


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