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The personality characteristics of a prison population

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posted on 2023-05-27, 17:01 authored by Paul, BI
In order to investigate the personality characteristics of Tasmanian prisoners a sample of 197 prisoners at Risdon Male Prison was studied by means of psychological tests and two questionnaires. The study is a beginning to the task of defining the states prison population. The Otis Higher Intelligence Test was administered, and the mean I.Q. was 89.1. Results on the Eysenck Personality Inventory indicated neither an introversive or extraversive trend for the group and a slightly above average level of neuroticism. Results on the Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire indicated introversion and a slightly above average level of anxiety. The prisoners in the sample were classified in two ways - a classification according to the number of prison terms, and a classification according to type of crime - and test results presented for the various sub-groups. The study suggests that recidivism may be correlated with:- 1. An increasing isolation from society. 2. An increasing degree of neuroticism. 3. An increasing consumption of alcohol. 4. An increasing incidence of brain damage.


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