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The philosophy of comparative philosophy

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posted on 2023-05-27, 00:18 authored by Cook, BG
Comparative philosophy is becoming an increasingly important method for understanding ourselves and those around us. At a time when the world's traditions and the great thinkers from the history of humanity are available at our fingertips like never before, comparative philosophy provides the tools to understand how humanity has differed between cultures and across time while simultaneously bringing to light those elements we have in common. While comparative philosophy is well established, its method has never been clearly outlined and comparative philosophers have relied on rusted and dull tools. The aim of this work is to outline a comparative methodology that overcomes the issues of relativity and objectivity, both of which threaten to undermine the comparative enterprise. Replacing these is perspectivism, the principles of which are outlined throughout this work, the only alternative that provides comparative philosophy with a set of tools suited specifically for its method of analysis. This work has a tiered structure with each chapter focusing on one aspect of the new methodology while resting on all that precedes it. The largest portion of this dissertation deals with the work of Nagarjuna and Nietzsche and, while the areas of comparison between these thinkers vary, it should be remembered that the structure of this work is set out to emphasise and aid in the understanding of the proposed method of comparative philosophy. With this method, comparative philosophy may proceed like never before, that is, with all the tools necessary to adequately fulfil its function.


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