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The piccolo : a study of Australian repertoire and performance practice

posted on 2023-05-26, 18:26 authored by McNicol, MJ
As a solo instrument the piccolo has a limited amount of original repertoire compared to other wind instruments. Its rise within solo and chamber repertoire is growing and players are now required to be equally proficient on piccolo as the flute. This study covers aspects of playing the piccolo in relation to pre-existing flute technique, in an effort to demystify some common problems when playing the piccolo. Five key Australian works for piccolo, including Piccolo Concerto by Barry McKimm and Concerto for Piccolo and Orchestra by Michael Easton will be discussed. This paper also provides a list of Australian solo and small ensemble piccolo repertoire. This study begins with a brief history of the piccolo and its construction in relation to changes made to the flute and the similarities and differences to be noted when playing the piccolo. It will then go on to cover piccolo practise techniques and concludes with a rehearsal guide for the selected works. The author also conducted an interview with Mr Frederick Shade, former principal piccolo of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, and the commissioner of both the McKimm and Easton piccolo concertos. This interview covered a range of topics including piccolo specific techniques, issues relating directly to the Easton and McKimm concertos and Shade's experience as a piccolo player in both Orchestral and solo fields. The findings of which, are published in this document. Two audio CD's accompany this paper: a recital of the selected works performed by the authorl, and an unedited recording project, recorded prior to the recital. This recording project was intended to assist with various aspects of recital preparation including stamina and ensemble. This recording project gave the performer the opportunity to hear the repertoire from a different perspective, allowing the identification of problems within the playing, prior to the examination recital. The paper will close with a summary of the areas covered.


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