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The relationship between inspection time and IQ in specific reading disabled grade 7 students

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posted on 2023-05-26, 20:33 authored by Lancaster, M
This study investigated the relationship between inspection time and IQ in a total sample of 155 specific reading disabled (SRD) and normal children aged 12 and 13 of average and above-average intelligence and in IQ matched subsamples of 24 each. The Standard Progressive Matrices and a computerised inspection time (IT) task using the adaptive staircase procedure with an accuracy level of 79.4% were adopted. It was hypothesised that, due to the low level perceptual deficits involved in specific reading disability, there would be a significant difference between the mean ITs of SRDs and normals, which in turn would lead to less correlation between IT and IQ in SRDs, thereby implicating these low level visual deficits in the association between IT and IQ. The results showed that there was no significant difference between the mean ITs of both groups, nor was there a differential IT-IQ correlation in the predicted direction. On the contrary, a marginally significant higher IT-IQ correlation was found in SRDs. This presents a theoretical paradox, for whereas the former results indicate that low level perceptual deficits are not involved in inspection time, the latter finding suggests that they are. Further research is needed to resolve this anomaly.


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