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The slide and trill : general trends in late eighteenth century Germany, with specific reference to the Berlin school

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posted on 2023-05-26, 22:07 authored by Lancaster, G
Musical examples, arranged in the order in which they occur in the text, will be found on pages 65 to 151 . Compound Trill is based on the term Compound Ornaments. used by Arnold Dolmetsch in Chapter 4, Section 13 of his book \The Interpretation of the Music of the XVII & XVIII Centuries\". The following categories resulting from the rhythmic relationship of an ornament to the principal note or notes are defined as follows: Beat is the notated starting point of the principal note. Onbeat ornaments displace the starting point of the principal note. The entry of the Principal note is therefore delayed. Anticipated or prebeat ornaments precede their principal note and leave the starting points of their principal notes in place. Interbeat ornaments are equally linked to both neighbouring notes and inserted between the starting points of both neighbour notes."


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