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The structural history of Tasmania from the Devonian to the recent

posted on 2023-05-26, 02:09 authored by Stacey, AR
Onshore Tasmania is a frontier exploration province, where exploration using modern methods has not previously been attempted. Bitumen, oil and gas seeps have been widely reported from onshore Tasmania over the last hundred years. Over 40 exploration wells have been drilled, however none have been successful. Most wells were drilled in the vicinity of alleged seeps with little or no knowledge of stratigraphy or structure. No exploration well has been drilled on a target identified from a seismic reflection survey. The primary aim of this research is to establish the geometry and age of structures affecting the Permo-Triassic Tasmania Basin, and also the Tertiary basins and Palaeozoic fold-thrust belt. The findings are used to define the distribution and style of potential hydrocarbon traps, and to assess the potential influence the age of trap formation has on hydrocarbon prospectivity.


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