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The transition from primary school to secondary school : one experience

posted on 2023-05-26, 18:09 authored by Moore, Janette Maree
This thesis addresses the issue of the transition of students from primary school to secondary school and attempts to answer the following three research questions: 1) What are the perceptions of students about secondary school a) in Grade Six prior to admission, and b) within their first six months after admission? 2) What are the perceptions of parents about secondary school a) prior to the transition of their son/daughter to secondary school, and b) towards the end of their son' sf daughter's first year at secondary school? 3) To what extent are Grade Six primary teachers' predictions of students' peiformances in their first year of secondary school va_lidated by the students' secondary teachers? Following an overview of the relevant literature, this thesis describes the data gathering procedures which were undertaken throughout 1994, 1995 and 1996 in an attempt to answer the research questions. The research phase of this thesis was conducted in only two schools. The participants were students, parents and teachers of these schools. Students, parents and teachers participated in a variety of data gathering procedures. Each procedure is described and the results are reported, analysed and discussed. This thesis finds that the perceptions of secondary school held by students both prior to and following enrolment in secondary school vary on the basis of gender and familial association with the secondary school. The research identifies 19 perceptions which are of concern to children prior to transition and eight perceptions which are of concern to children following transition. Such concerns are outlined. Additionally this study finds that the perceptions of parents can be grouped into several main areas both before and after transition but that these areas are not particularly consistent across the time span. As well the study claims that the Grade Six and Seven teachers fmd reasonable congruence between each other's assessments of students in their first year of secondary school. This thesis concludes that modifications to transition educational practices are necessary at all levels of the education system and accordingly makes recommendations for modifications to current practice.


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