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posted on 2023-05-26, 18:39 authored by Kidd, S
During my sculpturally active years (88-91) I have almost been entirely concerned with the use of the man-made object. Two groups of sculptors in whom I have an interest, the British ie. Cragg, Allington, Woodrow and the Americans ie. Koons, Steinbach, Mccollum, use the manufactured object within their sculptural practice. The British object sculptors use their materials with nostalgia, seeing them as carriers of our collective cultural memory, whilst the Americans have a nihilistic approach, seeing their materials as inert, emptying the product of meaning. I wish to explore both these attitudes towards the object, the metaphorical and the rhetorical in the anticipation of discovering some of my own relationships to the manufactured world. As the work will be experimental numerous pieces will be produced. They will ultimately be of a human scale with the use of furniture and building materials.


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