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Torque measurement

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posted on 2023-05-26, 18:24 authored by Lim, SS
There are many ways of measuring torque in electrical machines. Recent advances in transducer technologies means that measurement of torque will be more precise and easy. Traditionally, slip rings have been used for telemetering for measurement on meters and microcomputer systems. This project formed part of the Torque Measurement project carried out together with 2 other undergraduate project partners, Mr. Lye Teik Tan and Mr. Yi Fu Sia. This project thesis investigates the possibility of using optoelectronics to remotely transfer torque signals digitally (from a set of strain gauges connected in bridge configuration) to a microcomputer thus eliminating the use of slip rings. It also details the designing, fabrication, testing, calibration of the hardware and software used in the research.


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