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Towards poetic visual communication : negotiating a balance between historical practice and contemporary methodologies

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posted on 2023-05-28, 08:58 authored by Wallis, NA
This research examines the impact of contemporary social, philosophical and material contexts on visual communication through a multi-layered study of poetics, from its recognition as a key methodology for design practice from the late 1950s through to the present day. Through an examination of this historically important design methodology, and the processes by which social change, theories, and technologies have transformed the contemporary practice of design, the constraints contemporary creatives face in the effort to create meaningful work are discussed. Two research strategies were utilised: (1) an analysis of the current state of practice of visual communication and the broader history of Design methodologies and philosophies, with a focus on one particular movement, poetics. This explorative stage consisted of an examination of journal articles, an analysis of case studies and interviews with leading practitioners. (2) This informed the development of an approach to design practice, through which design projects are explored through metaphor and arbitrary constraints (a poetic framework). Three projects were undertaken utilising this methodology: How to grow a chair, Travelling through the unfamiliar, and Poetic tactics. Through reflection on the successes and shortcomings of these three projects, it is concluded that poetics is a valid and productive approach to visual communication.


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