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Urban transport funding and pricing

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posted on 2023-05-27, 15:53 authored by Starrs, M M
The thesis contains six chapters, with this Introduction being the first. The second describes the existing arrangements for transport funding which apply to the State government in South Australia. All modes and both urban and rural expenditure are included in the description. The accounts of authorities and departments are such that it is difficult to dissect expenditures and revenues for the parts considered in this thesis. An estimate is made indicating that urban arterial roads and urban public transport services account for approximately 50% of State government transport expenditure. The third chapter is a review of relevant literature. The pricing and investment models are taken from the literature (with same modification) and applied in Adelaide. The application of the models and the pricing and service level results are described in Chapter 4. The input data to the models are described in the four Appendices. The model results are then translated into annual funding levels for roads and public transport services. These funding levels are presented and compared with existing expenditures and revenues in Chapter 5. Finally, weaknesses in and qualifications to the data and model formulation are discussed in Chapter 6.


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