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Using Formal Concept Analysis with a Push-based Web Document Management System

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posted on 2023-05-26, 08:23 authored by Everts, TJ
The significant increase in amount of information readily available on the World Wide Web (WWW) makes it difficult for users to locate the information they desire in a timely manner. Modern information gathering and retrieval methods focus on simplifying this task by enabling the user to retrieve only a small subset of information that is more relevant and manageable. However, often the majority of users will not find an immediate use for the information. Therefore, it is necessary to provide a method to store it effectively so it can be utilised as a future knowledge resource. A commonly adopted approach is to classify the retrieved information based on its content. A technique that has been found to be suitable for this purpose is Multiple Classification Ripple Down Rules (MCRDR). MCRDR constructs a classification knowledge base over time using an incremental learning process. This incremental method of acquiring classification knowledge suits the nature of Web information because it is constantly evolving and being updated. However, despite this advantage, the classification knowledge of MCRDR is not often utilised for browsing the classified information. This is because MCRDR does not directly organise the knowledge in a way that is suitable for browsing. As a result, often an alternate structure is utilised for browsing the information which is usually based on a user's abstract understanding of the information domain. This study investigated the feasibility of utilising the classification knowledge acquired through the use of MCRDR as a resource for browsing information retrieved from the WWW. A system was implemented that used the concept lattice based browsing scheme of Formal Concept Analysis (FCA) to support the browsing of documents based on MCRDR classification knowledge. The feasibility of utilising classification knowledge as a resource for browsing documents was evaluated statistically. This was achieved by comparing the concept lattice-based browsing approach to a standard one that utilises abstract knowledge of a domain as a resource for browsing the same documents.


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