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Validation of a new mobile and openly available processing speed test

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posted on 2023-05-27, 09:38 authored by Van Der Kley, EM
There are barriers to current tests of processing speed: cost, access, and learning effects. We aimed to develop a brief mobile test of processed speed, that correlates strongly with other tests of processing speed, has minimal learning effects, and acceptable test retest reliability. The Mobile Open Processing Speed test (MOPS), was adapted from the traditional WAIS Symbol search task. Participants examine and respond to an array of 6 symbols determining if any match the pair of target symbols. Symbols are comprised of both inner and outer shapes to increase task difficulty. Two studies were conducted to validate the MOPS. A 7-day test-retest study comprising of the MOPS, WAIS SS and SDMT tests in 68 healthy adults (28 male, 20-63 years); and an acute alcohol dosing study to determine sensitivity to intoxication (BrAC 0.05 and 0.08) in 36 young adults (15 male, 18-34 years). The MOPS correlated strongly with the WAIS SS (r=-0.69) and SDMT (r=0.74). Acceptable test-retest reliability (r=.80) and significant moderate magnitude learning effects were identified (d=0.59, p<.001). The MOPS was more sensitive to acute alcohol intoxication than the other measures (g=-0.31, p=0.114). Continuing validation, reduction of learning effects, and creation of norms are future directions for the MOPS.


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