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Vietnamese migrants' attitudes towards Vietnamese sexist language

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posted on 2023-05-26, 22:48 authored by Chau, MN
This thesis examines Vietnamese Australians' attitudes towards sexist language. One can not separate language from the cultural and social issues as they are intertwined with one another. The shaping of an individual's behaviours, attitudes, life values, his/her application of language largely depends on the social environment where s/he has grown up. In Vietnamese society, Confucianism has played a part in shaping many individuals' thinking. Although in the present time it is not as popular as many years ago, it still exists in a number of families, it can be seen through the way they behave, what they believe. There are many research studies on the sexist language in English whereas it is rare to find a research study dealing with sexist language in Vietnamese. This thesis deals with the Vietnamese migrants' attitudes and perception of sexist language. It investigates the nature and characteristics of sexist language in Vietnamese and makes some comparison with that in English. Special attention is given to the socio-cultural context in which sexist language was derived and used. Both qualitative and quantitative research methods were used.


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