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What is within the moment of hesitation?

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posted on 2023-05-27, 11:08 authored by Fionnachd-Fein, B
This research project explores the question 'What is within the moment of hesitation?' The research question is an example of an emergent phenomenon. The phrase 'popped into my head' one day and, despite my best efforts, I was unable to identify where it came from. Its persistence prompted this experimental art-based research. Exploration of the question has suggested that a moment is not necessarily an instant, hesitation is not stasis. Instead, the question seems to point to a 'points of ellipsis' where the extent and structure of that which is 'missing' is unknown at the moment of encounter. It opens up the potential for infinite possibilities and complexity. Ephemeral and often formless, the works are prompted by the emergent phenomena of everyday life. Sometimes they are simply the recorded remainder of a moment, sometimes a performance, sometimes an invitation to others to do something (such as the participatory projects and Fluxus-inspired event scores). The role of these disparate and, in terms of the project's presentation, dispersed works is not to be a static form of art but to be indicators of potential, signifiers of possibilities. The video works in particular build on John Cage's expansion, in his work 4'33'', of the understanding of music to include sounds that are in the everyday environment.


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