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Woman/body/nature connections : an ecofeminist perspective

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posted on 2023-05-27, 14:17 authored by Thompson, CH
In the ecofeminist perspective presented in this thesis I explore the cultural legacy and current trends which have impact upon the links between women and nature. It argues for the continuing relevance of ecofeminism in a discussion of the politics of the body. Section One outlines the historical development of ecofeminism, its root traditions and the central perspective that has evolved to this day. The evolution of the politics of the body is then discussed with particular reference to the · ecofeminist precept of dualism as an analytical tool. The psycho-sexual origins of the master-class (dominator model) are then considered. Section Two discusses in detail the cultural devaluation of natural processes evident in the sexual representations of women in the west. Women's magazines and pornography are consulted to test their complicity in the cultural devaluation of woman and nature. The concept of nature under threat is explored by a further consideration of plastic surgery, the new reproductive technology and computers.


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