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Younger and older groups attitudes and beliefs to suicidal behaviour

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posted on 2023-05-27, 18:13 authored by Philp, ML
Research into the complex and disturbing social problem of suicidal behaviour has been allied with the attitudinal literature since the 1970's. These investigations propose that attitudes and beliefs toward suicidal behaviour vary between different social groups and that these variations may have a relationship to the nature and occurrence of suicidal behaviour. This review highlights the rates and characteristics of suicidal behaviour in the young (16-26 years old) and the older (50 years and over) population and notes that they are at particular risk. While the attitudes of many social groups have been explored in relation to attempted and completed suicide limited research has selected these two high risk groups for direct comparison. The literature reviewed suggests that increasing knowledge concerning the attitudes and beliefs about suicidal behaviour may assist in the understanding, management and prevention of this behaviour.


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