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posted on 2023-05-26, 22:45 authored by Frost, RE
Documentaion of works: Section 1 proposal, section 2 theoretical submissions, section 3 documentation of works, section 4 work processes. My work anchors itself in the specificity of the photographic record. Although it is an accepted fact that photographs lie, at the same time it can be argued that they do contain an element of truth - a knowledge that at some time an event occurred and was recorded. It is this inherent photographic quality, this dichotomy between representation and construction, reality and imagination that I intend to investigate and use to pose questions about our own notions of reality, of the world we exist in and of who or what we are. To date all my concerns have involved a progression towards this point. My first major piece (Queenstown), deliberately mis-used time and place. The latest work (Untitled 1983), used an almost filmic technique - a series of frozen photographic moments to allow the viewer space to enter. This desire to manipulate the photographic moment along with the concerns of alienation and vulnerability, of barriers and the need to break them, form the basis for my current motivation. My recent work comes from both observed experience and from a strong personal feeling of self investigation, growth and struggle. The work is intended to explore the state of flux in human existence - to reveal both the outer precariousness and vulnerability and the inner conflicting desires and fears that form and shape a personality. Munch has been a source here in the way that, for me, his figures seem about to shatter and dissolve into a landscape which itself seems ready to dissolve.




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