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posted on 2023-05-27, 18:02 authored by Puster, Glenn
To indicate my interests regarding the work I have undertaken in the last seven years I would have to reflect upon it and say that my art was born of an urge to express primal or primeval forms in a physical state, that 'state' being my own interpretation of sculpture. I couldn't claim that this has been a direct intention, moreover it is a reaction to placing myself in the situation of being a 'creator' or image maker. My intention is, rather, that the symbols suggested by the physical make-ups of these images are put together in such a way as to allow a contemplative study and/or psychological impact on visual contact without each individual piece necessarily stating categorically what it is supposed to be. Thus the 'primal' reaction to viewing a work is a type of recognition not necessarily understood because of its portrayal of analogued information or references to obvious symbols, styles and allusions. The directions taken in my work are not an attempt to extend or expand on any 'schools of thought', though I am conscious of the fact that my work draws from a pool that is my understanding of art history. I would also have to admit a direct influence in adopting an automatistic way of working, an approach introduced through the surrealist and abstract expressionist movements. New ground covered since the inception of these movements and the developments of the possibilities introduced in sculpture in the twentieth century I consider as raw materials from which to build the type of visual dialogue I propose to develop. I am proposing that the working process of making sculpture is a school of thought within itself and that the ideas are developed through this process.




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