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posted on 2023-05-26, 22:56 authored by Harris, Ann
My interests are about the unreal world of fantasy, the romance of the past, the feminine viewpoint and the depiction of an environment made personal by the use of objects which hold a personal association for me. Although my interests might change during the programme or expand or intensify in a specific way, the starting point for work will be those areas of interest outlined above. My main method of working is in series form. Each image has.? relationship to the others and is strengthened and intensified by this relationship. By using series I can create a story line which can be read, one image leading onto the next in a narrative/visual way or by a group of images creating a total image with cross-references. Some images have only hints of what is going on which encourages the viewer to interpret the works themselves. I plan to use infa-red images because of their particular qualities which are suited to the works I am dealing with. The images process a slight distortion tonally and spatially and are enhanced by the graininess, softness and lack of contrast in the film. Having spent the past two years working fairly consistently I found I have worked along different paths than those originally intended. After a period of settling back into an institution and the course, and of gaining confidence in myself and my work, my interests changed. My dissatisfaction with the mechanical and precious nature of photography led to the use of a simpler camera, a greater manipulation of images and the introduction of materials other than mount board and frame for presentation. The most important area of experimentation was that of a more 3 dimensional use of the medium and presentation. All of these changes lead to a larger scale of working. These particular changes are documented later in more detail.




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