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posted on 2023-05-27, 13:07 authored by Wright, HR
Proposal I have recently been fascinated with the idea of the heroine, as a positive role model for myself and for women in general. To date I have drawn mainly from personal and autobiographical sources. This forms the broad basis for the subject matter, themes and general enquiry of my work. Further exploration of the area of positive role models has led to an investigation of the power relationships and heirarchies which serve in many ways to prevent women in general from forming more positive outlooks toward the dilemmas of female role and identity. My investigation of these dilemmas has taken the form of a personal symbolism and I wish to continue working with these ideas. The form that they take may however, be open to a degree of change over the duration of the course. To date the majority of my work has been with in the area of printmaking and I intend at present to continue working within this area in the hope of improving my technical knowledge.




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