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posted on 2023-05-27, 13:55 authored by MacDonald, AL
Over the two years of the M.F.A. course I propose to work on rituals and ritual costumes. Within this framework I intend to combine my knowledge of photographic and printmaking processes and my knowledge of fabrics and the sewing and designing of garments to produce a number of works on chosen aspects of rituals. In some cases the costume alone will be an adequate means of presenting the idea. Images printed onto the costume may be necessary, or the costume may require a wearer to perform certain actions within it resulting in a series of photo-etchings on the figure and the costume. Other ideas may require a three-dimensional space and sound resulting in a performance where body movements, costumes and documentation in the form of a series of photo-etchings play an important role. At this stage I prefer not to outline specific works until I begin work on each project. As a general rule, I write rough notes on work, planning several months ahead. On reading back over these notes I can see the development of some, over a series of weeks and months, from a set of vague ideas into a clear statement. Others may be important to the resulting work, yet are only a step along the way and have little value, as finished works as was first intended. Therefore, I propose to add to the section of my proposal on specific works when each idea is fully developed.




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