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'It was almost normal' : the significance of kid's days at Tasmania's Risdon Prison in maintaining connections between children and their incarcerated parents

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posted on 2023-05-27, 15:10 authored by Toohey, J-A
It is unfortunate that in an era when progressive thinking is celebrated, human rights are on many people's agenda, and both government and non-government organisations are supposedly working to create a more sustainable life for those considered to be marginalised, the difficulties that families of prisoners face rarely take centre stage in political forums or policy debates. Imprisonment, essentially based on a model of retribution, is immune to the plight of families, caught up in the 'ripple effect' that extends well beyond the incarcerated family member. The following research examines the challenges encountered by the children of prisoners and considers the emotional, social and financial toll that arises as a result of parental incarceration as well as the potential risks of intergenerational criminality. Despite calls from lobby groups, no-one regularly monitors the parental status of prisoners - the collection of statistics is generally dependent upon researchers and non-government organisations. This study investigates Kids' Days at Tasmania's Risdon Prison. These special days are designed to improve contact and interaction between children and their imprisoned parents. Kids' Days recognise the rights of children to know and interact with their parents, and for parents, regardless of their status as prisoners, to know and interact with their children.


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Copyright 2012 the author Thesis (MCrimCorr)--University of Tasmania, 2012. Includes bibliographical references. Ch. 1. About the study -- Ch. 2. Setting the scene -- Ch. 3. Researching a Tasmanian initiative -- Ch. 4. Voices from within Risdon Prison -- Ch. 5. Voices from outside Risdon Prison -- Ch. 6. Discussion

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