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posted on 2023-05-26, 23:14 authored by Edwards, Michael, 1957-
I intend to develop a programme that is an extension of my undergraduate submission, namely portraiture. The portraits are a statement about the person, not a quest for likeness. This approach often leaves the individual no more important than the act of drawing, or the construction of the image with regard to the history of portraiture in Painting and Photography. As a development the person may come to dominate the image, or conversely, by nature of working an image in a series, the figure may be obliterated leaving only clues for identity. Part of the rationale for continuing to work this way is it will allow further exploration of the graphic potential of the lithographic medium. Part of this process would involve working with other print media as an end in itself, and as a method of stimulating ways to approach lithography. The subsequent product would be the production of colour lithographs.


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