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Suberin deposition in potato periderm: a novel resistance mechanism against tuber greening

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posted on 2023-05-20, 09:51 authored by Tanios, S, Thangavel, T, Alieta EylesAlieta Eyles, Robert TeggRobert Tegg, David NicholsDavid Nichols, Stephen CorkreyStephen Corkrey, Calum WilsonCalum Wilson
  • Light‐induced tuber greening is one of the most important quality defects of potato. Although varietal and maturity factors are known to affect greening resistance, physiological mechanisms of resistance are poorly understood. We proposed that physiological and biochemical factors within the tuber periderm provide resistance and hypothesised that resistance is primarily related to suberin content.
  • We investigated differences in the tuber periderm between genotypes and tuber maturities that varied in greening propensity. We examined suberin and light‐induced pigment accumulation, and phellem cell development and studied greening propensity in mutant and chemically treated tubers with enhanced suberisation.
  • Resistance to greening was strongly linked to increased suberin in the periderm, which varied with variety and tuber maturity. Furthermore, greening was reduced in mutant and chemically treated tubers with enhanced suberisation. Increases in phellem cell layers and light‐induced carotenoids and anthocyanins were identified as secondary resistance factors.
  • Our work represents the first physiological mechanism of varietal and tuber maturity resistance to greening, expanding the known functionality of suberin and providing for the first time a biomarker that will aid producers and breeders in selection and improvement of potato varieties for greening resistance.


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