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A translator from object structured query language into object algebra expression

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posted on 2023-05-26, 19:45 authored by Hussain, Sainaaz Bi
Object-Oriented database management systems have been proposed as the effective solution to providing the database management facilities for complex applications. This project involves in deriving a set of rules which specifies the translation of Object SQL statements into an Object Algebra expression. The language chosen for this project is Object SQL (Object Structured Query Language). Object SQL is a high-level user language whose standard does not exist yet. OA (_Qbject Algebra) is an intermediate level target language designed for a range of user languages. The algebra used in this project is defined by Dave Straube. This algebra is used as the target language for the translation of the Object SQL query statement into the equivalent Object Algebra expression. Object algebra is used for the procedural specification of queries which can then be used for the optimisation of queries.


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