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Geophysical studies in Tasmania : Part A. : Interpretation of the gravity potential field using the frequency domain.

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posted on 2023-05-26, 23:22 authored by Dampney, C. N. G
The frequency domain assembles gravity potential field information into a more meaningful form then the spacial domain. The gravity potential field becomes mathematically well behaved, allowing, ideally, an exact expression for the interpretation procedures of vertical continuation and derivatives; and the formulation of criteria to examine previously proposed interpretation methods of this class. Moreover, approximations, which are an inevitable component of interpretation, can be more clearly examined. Using the frequency domain it is shown that a discrete system of point masses, judiciously chosen, adequately synthesize any gravity field. The proposed \Equivalent Source Technique\" results in the projection of irregularly spaced data on rough topography onto a regularly gridded horizontal plane. It also allows vertical continuation of the potential field and the effective removal of the regional from the Bouguer Anomaly."


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