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Noise in delta modulation

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posted on 2023-05-26, 22:40 authored by D'Emden, Francis Roblin
An investigation of the noise which is an inherent part of delta modulation due to the nature of the modulation process is presented. A large part of the examination of the noise consists of an investigation of the noise performance of delta modulation. In order to limit unwanted paramenters, the study has been mainly confined to an ideal delta modulator with a perfect, single integration feedback network. The investigation presented is restricted to the modulation - demodulation process in the main, with emphasis on voice communication usage. The feasability of a computer simuation of delta modulation and the design and construction of an experimental modulator is presented. Analysis and comment on the qualitative and quantitative aspects of noise in delta modulation is included with reference to measurements taken, and existing analysis being made.


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