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The Tasmanian tourist industry the measurement of tourist expenditure

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posted on 2023-05-27, 01:01 authored by Boyles, RG
The aim of this dissertion is to investigate the problems of measurement of the value of the Tasmanian tourist industry in terms of gross receipts form tourist expenditure. No attempt is made to derive an estimate of the value of tourist receipts, rather attention is given to the problems of measurement of its various components, namely, the number of tourist visitors, their average lenght of stay and the value of their expenditure. Besides the value of tourist receipts, it was the original intention to present an empiriacal study of other measures of the economic benefits of tourism to Tasmania. However in contemplatinf the usefulness of such a broad study when so little is known about more relevant aspects of the industry, in which case the analysis is presented could only be of a detailed descriptive nature, it was considered more value could be gained from the approach adopted.


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