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The effects of exercise on the sleep of unfit individuals

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posted on 2023-05-26, 20:37 authored by Griffin, SJ
A facilitative effect of daytime exercise on SWS has been cited as evidence in support of the bodily restorative theory of sleep. However, this effect has not been observed in studies using unfit individuals. It was hypothesized that the failure of earlier studies to find a facilitative effect of exercise on SWS in unfit subjects was due to a stress induced by the exercise sessions which disrupted sleep and counteracted the facilitative effect. Steps were taken to minimize stress by using afternoon exercise, a range of exercise levels and a number of exercise sessions for each subject. Thus the experiment consisted of a 4 x 4 factorial design with repeated measures on one factor (N = 24). The first variable consisted of 4 exercise levels (no exercise, 510% VO2max for 45 mins., 75% VO2max for 60 mins., and maximum output for 60 mins.) while the second variable represented 4 measurement occasions (baseline and three nights following 1, 3 and 5 consecutive exercise days). It was hypothesized that a facilitative effect of exercise would be observed under conditions in which the stress factor was minimized. No effect of exercise on SWS was found in any condition, nor was there any evidence that a hypothetical stress factor accounted for the results. These findings are inconsistent with present statements of the bodily restorative theory of SWS. It is possible, however, that SWS levels may be responsive to long term rather than short term alterations in activity levels.


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