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W.A Woods and the Clipper 1903-1909 A study in radical journalism

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posted on 2023-05-27, 07:40 authored by Lake, MLL
This is a study of Walter Alan Woods and the Clipper, the radical journal which he edited from 1903 until 1909. It was the decade when the working classes of the island known as \Sleepy Hollow\" awakened politically. I suggest that the Clipper was both a symptom and a cause of this awakening. A knowledge of Wood's background (he was about forty when he took over the editorship) promotes a keener understanding of the attitudes and views expressed so forcefully in the Clipper. In the first chapter I have endeavoured to present a picture of the activities of his formative years on the mainland as far as I was able from the limited information available. I have also tried in that chapter to give an overall summary of the type of paper the Clipper was its history and the regard with which it was held."


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